From the beginning of civilizations rivers and agri (culture) are the most important things for mankind in defining their social life and spiritual progress.  The reductionist science never understood this for long time but efforts are made from the beginning of scientific enquiry to give a holistic look towards scientific phenomenon. Often it was never possible because each scientific discovery leads towards the creation of government or private corporations and over period huge investments are made. After investments are made even if the scientific process proves false the investments in the industry cannot be discarded as one can abandon scientific theory.

The same thing happened in destruction of agriculture and rivers. The erroneous assumption by german chemists about potash led to boom fertilizer industry between 1885-1915. Though the same German chemist rejected his previous findings industry never turned back citing they have made huge investments in to industrial agriculture. The invention of ammonia and nitrates led to boom in explosive industries thus first and second world wars. In the inter war years the chemical industries turned in to fertilizer industries and dumped all their inter war production on unsuspecting agricultural farmers.  Fertility was lost and more and more fertilizer was required. The pests also increased because fertilizer killed organic material in the soil.

With the discovery of benzene a deadly lethal chemical pesticide industry started to boom. Though these chemicals were first used in World War 2 chemical warfare divisions in the after war their alternative application was to convert them in to agricultural pesticides. This pesticide solution also, though initially worked within 20 years after World War 2 more pest resistant bugs started popping up and more and more pesticides are needed to solve the problem.

Post war US has war profits and Germany produced brilliant scientists. Both US and German interests merged to create powerful industrial conglomerates. Between 1914 to till date another phenomenon occurred in USA. The British wanted a revenge for their defeat in US war of independence steadily and slowly tried to undermine American independence by creating banking and industrial conglomerates in USA as opposed to free entrepreneurship, liberty and creative innovation guaranteed by US constitution. The battle is still waged by current senators like Ron Paul (libertarian) and others. This battle of control for US government between British sponsored banker industrialist elite and US constitutional libertarians saw hundreds of people die including presidents. Since 1975 post death of President Kennedy the US slowly but steadily slipped in to the control of British sponsored Crony Capitalist Multi National Corporations with disastrous effects for the world at large.

During 1914-1919 the science of understanding diamonds came to light which focused on the military and strategic applications of diamonds. With dwindling diamond mine production it was also realized that the rivers in Asia and Africa were the rich source of natural diamonds as they are formed in alluvial soils created over the magnetic lava contours in plains and plateaus. By World War 2 it was clear that who controls the diamond supply will win the war.

“The strategic importance of diamonds became acutely clear to both the Allies and Axis powers with the approach of the Second World War in 1939.

Only diamonds were hard enough to stamp out the millions of precision parts that were necessary for mass-producing airplane engines, torpedoes, tanks, artillery and the other weapons of war. Only diamonds could be used to draw the fine wire needed for radar and the electronics of war. Only diamonds could provide the jeweled bearings necessary for the stabilizers, gyroscopes and guidance systems for submarines and planes. Only diamonds could provide the abrasives necessary for rapidly converting civilian industries into a war machine. Without a continuing supply of diamonds, the war machine would rapidly slow to a halt. Yet, nearly all the diamond mines remained closed, and De Beers British Company controlled the world supply of diamonds. Obtaining these industrial diamonds thus became a paramount objective for both the United States and Hitler’s Germany.

In Washington, D.C., the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt began to hold emergency meetings about diamonds in 1940 when Hitler’s armies swept across Europe in a blitzkrieg and threatened to invade England. The possibility had to be at least considered that England, like France, might be overrun or surrender. In that event, the world diamond stockpile would fall into Hitler’s hands. Since the United States had less than one year’s supply of industrial diamonds, the loss of De Beers’ stockpile would make it difficult, if not impossible, to continue the war. The economic planners for the war estimated that the United, States needed at least 6.5 million carats of industrial diamonds to convert its factories to war production.

When apprised of this critical shortage in diamonds, President Roosevelt ordered the War Production Board, which had the responsibility for mobilizing the American economy for war, to buy the necessary 6.5 million carats from British and De Beers. De Beers, however, had other interests to consider. Its entire system for monopolizing diamonds depended on its controlling the available stockpile. Transferring a large portion of the stockpile from London to New York City, where it would be out of its control, ran counter to the De Beers logic”.

What happened in later part of that war is not a point of discussion here but it shows importance of diamonds and controlling them for war and industrial growth.  This also explains why even today USA banned De Beers from operating in America and the US Federal investigation in to the conspiracy fraud committed by De Beers or British during war. The US war planners were surprised to note that De Beers also sold diamonds to axis powers at 6 times the actual sale cost to allies that kept the German war machinery alive for more than 7 years. All while British government supported De Beers as an arm of their government and royalty.

“With existing diamond mines exhausting and with only rivers being the source of Diamonds the British and De Beers came up with a plan to Dam all the rivers that carry diamonds so that diamonds are not available to those countries that are not friendly or pro British. Most of Angola’s diamonds were mined from meandering rivers in eastern Angola which allowed easy access to illegal diggers and smugglers. De Beers arranged for the rivers to be dammed and the riverbeds cordoned off behind barbwire.”

By 1945 most of private dam builders in USA realized the disastrous effects of dams on ecology. They started de commissioning the dams since 1945. In the last decade between 2001-2011 995 dams were decommissioned. Many high efficiency alternate technologies of water management ecological conservation were developed in the last decades. None are known in India.

By 1971 it was realized that no amount of Fertilizers or Chemicals or Pesticides can increase production of food needed to feed world population. It was realized that the world population should be brought under manageable levels (translation depopulation). At the behest of the Agri Business MNCs Henry Kissinger wrote the famous Memo 200 of National Security Agency of America. How much the US government supports this or the libertarian politicians ratify this is not in our knowing but the later developments shows that it is these Fertilizer and Chemical companies that were having upper hand.

The era of Genetically Modified organisms. Post 1970 research was carried in not creating deadly chemical fertilizers but to modify the genes of plant seeds with chemicals so that they can with stand pests. Again as with fertilizers and Chemicals a worldwide marketing campaign was launched that GMO are the only solution for world hunger and protein deficiency. But in 20 years the full extent of the effects of GMO is coming out in USA Europe and resistance was mounting to drop them. One such effects was sterilization of men from producing babies.

Since 1914 there are many good scientists who figured that the fertilizer approach was not holistic and is disastrous for mankind. In fact the British themselves ordered a 4 decade study from 1914-1945 in their Pusan, Samastipur Bihar agricultural farm research center under Albert. This study has created two farms one organic farm and another exclusively developed under chemicals and fertilizers. Year after year for 41 years the food was grown and effects of food on humans animals was recorded. Also recorded was the effects of organic fertilizer on soil and chemical fertilizer effects on soil. The final conclusion of this monumental study was “Soil does not need any chemical fertilizer”. This study was shut down all records and notes taken out and Albert was sent back to England. Between Italian chemists did further research on the chemical fertilizer and discovered that these deadly chemicals act as radioactive elements in their effects on humans and animals. This report was classified by Italian government. Now all research in to GMO on their side effects though still a classified topic Europeans are putting stringent restrictions in implementing mass GMO in to food chain.

When we got independence for the first 20 years (1947-67) we were mislead, tutored (wrongly), wrongly advised that we have to build dams to increase agricultural production and dams are modern temples and in the process even if we destroy temples mosques gurudwaras or churches it is ok. All this is done under World Bank and euro sponsors advise after they knew the massive scientific evidence coming out on disadvantages of dams and being aware of the de commissioning of dams in Europe and USA. We were still doing organic farming

By the time the USA and Europeans were completely aware of the effects of chemical fertilizers they needed alternate markets. Knowing fully the disadvantages and health effects still world bank and imf pressured India in allowing those chemical companies to dump all their production on unsuspecting farmers as a good product so that what they no longer sell in US or Europe were off loaded on India for another 20 years (1967-87).

With the growing public awareness and activism in Europe and USA raising the need to relocate all toxic producing chemical and fertilizer plants need to be shut down. Along with them hundreds of nuclear power plants also need to be shut down. Rather than shutting down all these were now set to get dumped on Indian soil.

With the dawn of liberalization and privatization in India was projected as super power under the careful planners of monitor group, a British intelligence out fit to take care of their capitalist interests. Thus came the Nuclear 123 deal, agriculture KIA 123 deal. Entire Indian coastal area (7000 kilometers) is now set to become petro chemical corridor to take all the deadly chemical plants nuclear power plants of older generations. Thus destroying deltas. With the recent realization of Indian river deltas still produce diamonds British and De Beers are all set to block the river flow to sea in pushing for more dams and renovating dams under world bank. Though Indian citizens fighting heroically to avoid the damage as they are focused on each aspect of the issue than the bigger picture a credible nation wide social activism is absent.

Now it is known that Monsanto Bt variety of cotton was nothing but a naturally occurring bacteria in southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh which was smuggled out and reverse engineered and though Indian bio diversity groups succeeded in fining Monsanto through Indian courts still we are at jet speed allowing every GMO tests in Indian soil which were banned in USA or Europe.

Though documented reports are coming out that various Indian bull variety semen was smuggled in to Brazil to create Mad Cow resistant cattle nothing could be done. Though many caught taking Indian male semen to solve infertility problems of Europe still no protective measures can be put in place.

As all these operations are done with full knowledge of damages to human health ecology and environment with or with out the knowledge of Indian politicians it tantamount to criminal intent for profit at the cost of human life. Thus it aptly fits the description of terrorism. The rest of the page documents all the proof to allude the above discussion.

When we wake up? It is up to Indians (both people and leaders) to decide. To decide.

Republished from Great Game India Website

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