You think your information is always in safe hands, just as told by the government officials? No, it is not in safe hands. Just like how so many cases of money launderings have come into picture, there’s a lot of cybercrime happening out there, going unnoticed. In the recent times, there has been a tamil movie “Irumbu Thirai” which explains a few ways about how cybercrime takes place. Information is wealth, information is power & information is knowledge, which can be clearly learnt from the movie. Data is a very important element to the one who knows how to use it properly. With every passing day, we use our passports, aadhaar cards, travel data etc., and put them out in the open on the internet. Interestingly, all the data out there is under threat by hackers around the world. That is how, a news which claims that CIA are monitoring the Aadhaar data of millions of Indians.

Did you ever realise bits and pieces of money being misplaced from your bank accounts? That’s the work of hackers around the world. Since the advent of smartphones, humans have mastered the art of stealing. But this time, they’re stealing from machines, they are stealing information which according to us is invaluable, but no one knows how they are going to use it. Man has created machines and has been working on making it smarter every day. Like everything in the universe has a loophole, even machines have loopholes, which has become a weapon to hackers.

Every day millions of data is being stolen from databases around the world. The movie portrays IT minister talking to a world renowned hacker about 600 billion stuck in overseas account. The hacker makes a deal with him, asking him for satellite uplink, which connects him to data that passes through the uplink. The movie portrayed the importance of data, and the different ways data can be used for frauds and mishaps among people. Be safe with what you share on phone calls and messages, because your device might or might not be hacked!

Ever received a blank SMS over your smartphone? That could be a typical process of hacking your mobile through a bug. And once you open the message, the phone is under complete control of the hacker. Remember how the banks advertise saying never share your details over the phone, or messages? Well, it probably would be a good idea to follow them sometimes. Once a smart device is hacked, the hacker has access to all the information in the smartphone and anything over the phone. It is also a fact that cheques are supposed to be destroyed as soon as you are done with a transaction, either pass or failed ones. The movie portrays a scene where, cheques are interchanged between people and the signature on the cheque will be used to withdraw money from the bank accounts. That way, he engages nearly 18 people into fraud loan transactions, so that he can turn them in, in case he gets caught with the hacking.

Digital India, segregation of data, one point data sources are a big risk to individuals in a country. Government’s move to merge aadhaar with every possible data related to a person, needs a lot of security chained. Unless it’s properly monitored, the whole nation’s data is prone to danger and would put the entire country into a great cyber threat. In the recent news, Supreme court has postponed the deadline to link aadhaar and pan card to March 31st 2019. Linking various forms of data with aadhaar was never a compulsory thing to do. How about we think through it once, and it will scare you that your data might have the risk of exposure?

We particularly warn our readers that while technology has several positive and utilitarian aspects, pushing “Digital India” in the current configuration of Indian society which has a very poor understanding of geo-political issues, will result in a sharp increase of this cognitive-dissonance, and cause you to take the wrong decisions or prevent you from taking any decision. What is worse, it will cause you to outsource your decision making process.  In contrast strengthening “Mathematical India” and “Historical India” and “Social India” and “Cultural India” will positively act to reduce the cognitive dissonance which will help you to make conscious choices, in the current time and space — hopefully if we understand what current time and space we are in — that will decide the existence and continuation of India as a republic, and as a state and will help regain its Glory as a center of Universal Cultural Heritage and learning, making it a true Global Village that will solve, resolve every problem that exists in the world today, be it at any level.

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