Amaravathi is known as People’s Capital of the Andhra Pradesh, located on the banks of Krishna River. It has been four years since the United Progressive Alliance government at the Center declared that Andhra Pradesh would be part of two states.

Nonetheless, the Act that bifurcated the states left Andhra Pradesh without a capital. The old central command, Hyderabad, is now situated in Telangana. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will share Hyderabad as a capital for a long time, after which Andhra Pradesh should need to move to another managerial focus. Different alternatives for another capital were laid out by a report recorded by the Sivaramakrishnan Committee toward the finish of August 2014. The report depicted the chance of focusing on a solitary capital as an obsolete idea and pushed for a few urban areas in the state to be produced as mechanical, venture and innovative center points.

But after the committee has submitted the report to the union committee, N.chandrababu Naidu Newly appointed Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has changed the plan and has announced for building a mono capital for the state which was named Amaravathi which will be built between Guntur and Vijayawada. The center of Amravati will be on 33,000 sections of land claimed by individual owners among Vijayawada and Thullur along the banks of the Krishna waterway.

The Chief Minister of AP has formed Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA), defined for arranging, co-appointment, execution and advancing and securing the arranged advancement of the capital district, guarantees a return of reconstituted land and installment of advantages to the land proprietors per each section of land deliberately gave over to them.

Land Pooling vs. Land Acquisition

The LARR (Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation, and Resettlement) Act 2013 focal enactment, among different shields, places limitations on gaining multi-crop rural land. It requires 80% assent from landowners, remuneration at close market rates, and social effect appraisals to gauge the impact of any new advancement on the current inhabitants. In the Simple sense, it is selling off your land close to market rates. Land pooling has been formulated to require none of this. This plan doesn’t offer money related pay for arriving taken. In return for town arrive taken today, it offers a created real estate parcel later on city capital. It is non-monetary but it replaces with a land offering in the other place.

Flaws in the Land Pooling Scheme

  • The country is lacking agriculture lands and not capital cities.
  • The LPS was a violation of the central Act Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013 (LARR).
  • Andhra Pradesh’s new ‘world-class’ capital city will require gigantic measures of vitality and assets to manufacture and to run while obliterating valuable regular habitats and nearby occupations.
  • Land pooling is likewise significantly less expensive for the AP government. The government obtaining law says that remuneration for arriving procured can go up to four times the rate of land. Andhra Pradesh has settled the remuneration at 2.5 times the income rate.
  • What will happen to the landless families and tenants who are being dependent upon other farmer lands?
  • After building upon the capital what will the farmers, locals, backward people do around the big buildings the people cannot work with them as they know only farming.
  • For building the capital they are leaving the food security.
  • Some of the Farmers are opposing in giving their lands to the capital so the government has right to take away land under Land Acquisition Act.


We eat daily, and if we do it in a way that doesn’t recognize value, it’s contributing to the destruction of our culture and of agriculture. But if it’s done with a focus and care, it can be a wonderful thing. It changes the quality of your life. The destruction of India’s agriculture and destitution of its farmers is a story of corporate greed and the utter ruthlessness of a small group of people in Europe and the United States who do not value human beings and discriminate by their color.

Before the colonial rule, India was a place with adequate rainfall, good climate and suitable for producing a wide variety of crops. In India, the diet followed by a peasant and a rich landlord remains the same and there is a tradition in India where we feed outsiders first like beggars. Also, there is no distribution of milk as it was available plenty it was remained free and the people were living happily with their own farming cultivation.

Beginning of colonial rule, Agrarian pain begins with colonization of India by a British organization, the East India Company [EIC] around 1760, their arrangement of extortionate land access, joined with driving farmers to develop money credits [chiefly indigo and cotton] on the best grounds and not paying proper cost for the delivery.

Agrarian misery and ensuing mass suicide since 1997 begin when India presented its agriculture to outside organizations in 1991 under the IMF supported changes propelled by then Finance minister Manmohan Singh. It is again driving India’s farmers to decline and this time with the full help of the Indian government, officers of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Agro-logical foundation.

More established farmers recollect that in the 1960s, each agriculture augmentation officer would circumvent towns urging them to take the “free unit” containing hybrid seeds, composts, and pesticides. At first, yield rose marvelously. For instance, the yield of wheat went up by 500%, rice by 300%. In any case, in the process, many agriculturists quit sparing their seeds and turned out to be intensely reliant on acquired hybrid ones.

To start with, the brokers, predominantly the Rockefellers, were in charge of decimating the autonomous farmer in the US and that story is being rehashed in India: demolish the will of SMF(small and marginal farmers) keeping in mind the end goal to control 700 million Indians always, sentenced to unending servitude. This was begun by the British colonialists who kept them unendingly hungry for a long time. This had started the start of corporate greed’s and they are being ruling agribusiness with their indigenous practices which degrade the soil.

From Africa to India, corporate Americans and Global agribusiness are intended to colonize food and agricultural by offering lucrative amount to the farmers and investing in profitable areas by using the country money to develop its companies.

Behind the mask of Imperialism, Altruism, and Destruction of Agriculture

India is a nation in the past with significant assets in agriculture, minerals, water and all the required commodities. The historical backdrop of agribusiness demolition has been begun in the late 19th centuries where the British have assumed control India and began their indigenous practices of western culture and bringing out western innovation for the name of improvement of agriculture area. From the rundown, everything began by the East India organization legends Rockefeller, World Bank, IMF, Bill gates foundation, NGOs, trusts which are making agriculture into agribusiness. The main aim of the Companies is to Privatization, globalization by free trade and liberalization by gaining control of all the amenities by the agriculture.

Coming to the AP Scenario, The Andhra Pradesh government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) will form a partnership to implement a “digital innovation programme” for farmers in the state. Let us see the insight view of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation collaborating with the AP government to develop the agriculture sector. It all started in 1997 where the foundation has focused on providing oral polio vaccines to kids in India and they are meant to stabilize the immunity of the children for a better growth.

The focus of this foundation is to bring peace around the nations by securing the food, health care, and climate. It has started Green Revolution in Africa for a better usage of technologies to eradicate the hunger and to reduce the poverty. They have also started certain global events making the alliance with the world health, other global alliances for the development of the poor people like Family Planning, HIV\AIDS Prevention, funding of irrigation, agriculture, healthcare services for the poor countries and some areas where the people die out of basic necessities.

Nonetheless, We come to the behind the mask scenario where we will look after the Destruction, Imperialism created by these foundations. During the world Food crisis BMGF has insisted on research for developing new technologies for eradicating the scarcity including the creation of genetically modified crops over organic crops for better yield. The main aim of these foundations is to destruct the Traditional Farming and take the control of food system it indirectly links to control the population. Some of the incidents by these foundations will give a clear depiction of their Imperialism and destruction did to the native.

Firstly take the agriculture sector, In Africa where the food scarcity was high enough in those days due to drought and climatic changes so the government has decided to take measure to control the scarcity. Then the BMGF comes into the picture by joining an alliance with the agencies and has funded the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to the tune of almost $420 million. In Africa “the specialists” are from the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). Established in 2006 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AGRA is at the bleeding edge of advancing the utilization of hereditarily altered seeds, naturally dangerous manures and pesticides all through the landmass as a piece of the “Green Revolution.

They have started a Green Revolution which should reduce the need for hunger but they have emerged as an entry for the western companies who want to increase their business by maximizing their profits on African lands so they have created GMO which were given to the local farmers and suggested that this will yield more crops than the non GMO crops. The African Farmers doesn’t have the view of the control of western companies because all they thought was of the creation of jobs and increase of yields. So, here comes the big Picture Entry of Multinational agribusiness Like Monsanto, Du bow, Cargill has invested in African lands and they have acquired 90% of the lands for their own profits and later on they have used the African people as labor for their requirement. The Green Revolution approach on western culture which made reliance upon the fertilizers, pesticides and GM seeds.

Equation of Depopulation

P x S x E x C = CO2 (carbon dioxide output)

  • P = population
  • S = services used by people
  • E = the energy needed to power those services
  • C = carbon dioxide created by that energy.

In a Ted talk Bill Gates has proposed a formula for the climate change.So in order to reduce the CO2 emission, he has insisted on reducing the population as P is proportional to CO2. This has led him into Pharma business like vaccinations, treatments.

This have led into chaos as the production has been in western hands and they will fix the price and it will make a negative impact on livelihood of farmers as they take loan for buying the seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and they have to repay the debt by selling their own production to the west firms so these Foundations, agencies are  made to only increase the business of the western countries. They have made Africa from net Exporter to importer due to the increased cost of fertilizers, pesticides and they have seen a decrease in the yield and consumption which has caused unemployment poverty which has raised out to the implementations of funding programs by IMF, WB and WTO which has a bad sign of improvement as the farmers commit suicide due to nonpayment of their debt and due to low production they have lost the production value.

Coming to Healthcare unit in Africa these foundations have an entry to big pharmacy companies which want to test their medicines upon poor people over Africa. Incidents including pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced a new device for Depo-Provera to be tested as an injectable contraceptive on women in Senegal and Uganda delivered by less skilled health workers to cut costs.

This has made the women infertile also they were seen dysfunction of organs and they died due to that. Then started Second Green Revolution by the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, and another firm in order to curb the hunger also to introduce the development of High yield Varieties(HYV) and expansion of irrigation procedures, Modernizing agriculture also they are provided with hybrid seeds, Fertilizers, and pesticides. The instruments of this help are Gates establishment subsidized organizations like the GAVI Alliance, the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund, and the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) – open private associations purportedly dedicated to sparing Third World lives. Notionally autonomous however so vigorously financed by Gates as to work as virtual arms of the Foundation, these associations started to lead huge scale clinical trials in Africa and South Asia in the mid-2000s.

Africa soon encountered a “phenomenal increment in wellbeing research including people” who were ordinarily “destitution stricken and inadequately educated”; the outcomes were typically deadly. In 2010 the Gates Foundation subsidized a Phase III trial of an intestinal sickness immunization created by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), managing the trial treatment to a large number of babies crosswise over seven African nations. Anxious to secure the WHO endorsement important to permit the antibody for worldwide dispersion, GSK and BMGF pronounced the trials a crushing achievement, and the prominent press uncritically duplicated the publicity.

Few tried to take a gander at the examination’s fine print, which uncovered that the trials brought about 151 passings and caused “genuine antagonistic impacts” (e.g., loss of motion, seizures, febrile writhings) in 1048 of 5949 kids matured 5-17 months. Similar stories rose in the wake of the Gates-financed MenAfriVac battle in Chad, where unverified reports charged that 50 of 500 youngsters persuasively immunized for meningitis later created paralysis. Citing extra misuse, a South African daily paper proclaimed: “We are guinea pigs for the drugmakers”

Indian Scenario

Coming to Indian scenario these are the same MNCs which have already entered India to establish their agribusiness, pharmacy and they want to get the control over food water and ecosystem. These are the companies which are being ruled out in other nations due to their indigenous way of maximizing profits by destructing the traditional methods. In the phase of agriculture, India has seen a decent increase in its production rate over the time as the production of crops was very well sufficient for the individual farmer to sustain. Since 1995 300,000 farmers have committed suicides due to these uncruel corporations which try to maximize profits by leaving the primary producers.

The story of these corporate greed showcases that they were here with the help of our own government with the name of development and they have destroyed the traditional methods of farming where they have removed using organic seeds as they were available free and they have insisted on buying the GM seeds as it will yield more growth and it also needs supplements including pesticides and fertilizers which have degraded the agri land. The main inventor of this GM seeds was the company Monsanto which have asked the government to get the patent for the production of seed but in any case, the govt approves the national food control will be in their hands.

India is not dependent upon food imports as the majority of the population has been relying on agriculture. Indians don’t need any GM crops as the crops which are non-GM are also produced in a wide range but after the entry of MNCs including Monsanto, DuBow, Cargill, Bayer they started a revolution promising GM seeds will yield more. Also, they are long lasting that will enrich the soil with sufficient nutrients but as such it makes the soil infertile due to the GM crops farmers need to take the approach of pesticides & fertilizers as it will replenish the process for a better yield. Those companies which are mentioned about also control over 70% of the Global seed market.

At the point when the World Bank rates nations on their level of ‘Simplicity of Doing Business’, it implies country states encouraging approaches that power working individuals to partake in a race to the base in view of free-market fundamentalism. The more ‘agreeable’ national governments make their populaces and controls, the more alluring outside capital is enticed to contribute. Also, Microsoft has stated “Precision Farming” to the farmers in a way to develop their projects and start investing their technology in India land.’ Precision Farming’ is a term that has all the earmarks of being misjudged by horticulture researchers in India. This name is aimlessly utilized by agricultural foundations to look for subsidizing their undertaking exercises. There is a need to make mindfulness and present data on exactness cultivating as it is comprehended in created nations.

The World Bank’s ‘Empowering the Business of Agriculture’ – bolstered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID – involves opening up business sectors to Western agribusiness and their composts, pesticides, weedicides and licensed seeds.

It was in India, in any case, that the ramifications of BMGF’s cooperation with Big Pharma first rose to across the board open consideration. In 2010 seven pre-adult ancestral young ladies in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh passed on in the wake of accepting infusions of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) immunizations as a major aspect of an extensive scale “demonstration think about” financed by the Gates Foundation and regulated by PATH. The antibodies, created by GSK and Merck, were given to around 23,000 young ladies in the vicinity of 10 and 14 years old, apparently to prepare for cervical growths they may create in maturity.

Extrapolating from trial information, Indian doctors later evaluated that no less than 1,200 young ladies experienced serious reactions or created an auto-save issue from the injections. No subsequent examinations or medicinal care were offered to the casualties. Encourage examinations uncovered unavoidable infringement of moral standards: helpless town young ladies were for all intents and purposes press-ganged into the trials, their folks tormented into marking assent shapes they couldn’t read by PATH delegates who made false claims about the security and adequacy of the medications.


Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man

My grandfather used to say that once in your life you want to become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, and a policeman but daily, three times a day you need a farmer. Agrarian Stress will cause the farmers confer suicide and furthermore, it will decolonize the agri industry. There is the biggest risk to the world if individual farmer develops their own nourishment without creating for the country. If that happens all the industries, companies, people starve and people will rely upon cultivating as opposed to working in different firms.

The true result for the uplift of agrarian Stress will be making agricultural as a service sector through which the jobs will be increased and there will more production which in turns the GDP of the states and the nation also increase bilaterally. The government should actualize Agriculture as a segment for work creation and ought to make mindfulness viewing nourishment security as the world will hit by worldwide sustenance emergency. Andhra Pradesh has Invited McKinsey Consultant to look after the Development of the state in the field of healthcare, education, and agriculture. So, they gave a vision statement “Vision 2020” basically to privatize, decolonize small investors by converting them into big corporate greeds.

The same Vision 2020 terms were resemblance with the vision of Chile state in the 1980’s they were called the “Chicago Boys” who tore apart the laws by privatizing, changing the laws socializing the sectors. Currently, The same consultancy Mckinsey & Company which Chandrababu has given the planning and Organizing to build the capital Amaravathi which has earlier destroyed Africa and other countries in the name of privatization and again it is trying to degrade the state of Andhra Pradesh in the mainly agricultural sector as mainly AP is on farming.Does the Government be putting the lives of people in the hands of these Corporate greed’s which want to destroy the state Agriculture?

About Andhra Pradesh, It’s a disgrace to the Andhra Pradesh Government as it is welcoming the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation to build up the agribusiness division currently in a descent stage and furthermore there is part of discussions regarding these establishments yet the government has not taken any action to stop this. The Government ought to be embarrassed about giving the agriculture sector to the same Gates foundation which has a record of such Pathetic activities done by these corporations and should make an issue so that we can secure our own state Agriculture.

On the off chance that the BMGF comes into Agricultural Scenario of AP it will see an exceptional change as there will more suicides from obligation payments, miscellaneous practices of huge prescriptions and furthermore they will have the control over the nourishment and administrations in this area. The Involvement of FDI and foreign firms to enter India to create jobs and they destruct the livelihoods under the guise of “job creation”. Contrastly, The occupations which will be built up by the outside organizations will likewise have an effect on the traditional jobs as they lose in the first place in an open up culture by foreign firms.Does Government have any worry regarding the lives of Andhra Pradesh as there are again holding hands with these Foundations which has a record of criminal exercises everywhere throughout the World?

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